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Jersey Barnfire Apples & Spice Sauce Bigfat's 808 Octo Maximus Bigfat's 708 Optimus Primo
Bigfat's 808 Octo Maximus
List Price $11.99
iBurn Price $11.50
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Bigfat's 708 Optimus Primo
iBurn Price $11.50
Jersey Barnfire Smoked Ghost Taco Sauce is made with Ghost Peppers grown in JB's own garden, smoked and then seasoned with classic Mexico Seasoning.
Bigfat's 808 Octo Maximus was created to reach an epic plain of existence! Bigfat's 708 Optimus Primo will have you experiencing a burst of citrus flavor as it washes over you, quickly swirling into a vortex of spices and savory goodness.
Burns & McCoy Exhorresco Hot Sauce Karma Sauce Scorpion Disco Hot Sauce Burns & McCoy Excubiarum Hot Sauce
Featured on Hot Ones Season 7. Featured on Hot Ones Season 15. Burns & McCoy Excubiarum is the hottest of the verde sauces on the market. Using a jalapeno, serrano, green habanero, cayenne, Carolina reaper, ghost and moruga pepper blend.
Burns & McCoy Exitium Hot Sauce Hell's Kitchen Ginger Devil Hot Sauce Karma Sauce Burn After Eating Hot Sauce
Burns & McCoy Exitium Hot Sauce is the perfect pineapple ginger sauce. Made with fresh shallots, roasted garlic, and ginger. Hell's Kitchen Ginger Devil Hot Sauce is a sweet and spicy blend of ginger, pear and a hint of star anise pair with the incendiary burn of the 7 Pot Primo. Featured on Hot Ones Season 10.
Hellfire Doomed Hot Sauce Blazing Foods Tube of Terror 2.0 Corn Nugz Challenge
Hellfire Doomed Hot Sauce
iBurn Price $17.50
Hellfire Doomed Hot Sauce has a demon sleeping inside this bottle spiked with 6.66 MILLION SHU PEPPER EXTRACT, Trinidad Scorpions, and Red Habaneros.

Blazing Foods partnered with Johnny Scoville to create the Tube of Terror 2.0 a super hot Corn Nugz Challenge, so people with peanut allergies can suffer too!