Craig's BBQ Sauce

iBurn Price $6.50
Rodeo Special $6.00

Mom & Me Best Damn Mustard

iBurn Price $10.00

Salsa Maya Habanero Aioli

iBurn Price $6.50
Rodeo Special $6.00

Cajohns Reaper Puree

iBurn Price $18.00

Scary Cherries Combo

iBurn Price $25.00

We specialize in providing our customers with hand selected products from the fiery foods industry. This means that every product on the site was chosen for how flavorful it is, and only the best hot sauces, salsas, hot wing sauces, rubs, BBQ sauces, chili and bloody mary mixes make it on the site. You can feel confident buying a gift for your favorite chilehead here, knowing that every product tastes good, and the only question is: How hot?

For the most adventurous chileheads, we even offer several products containing the hottest chiles in the world, including the exotics and the well known varieties, such as habaneros, ghost peppers (bhut jolokia), trinidad scorpion, and the moruga scorpion.